The Mission of The U.S. Cannabis Network is to use all of our talents, knowledge, and resources to help make the lives of other people significantly better, to help solve the greatest challenges of our culture, and to only benefit personally in proportion to benefiting the prosperity of the lives of other people.

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U.S. Cannabis Network – Best online cannabis training university with experienced mentors.

The online cannabis training university U.S. Cannabis Network’s mentors is a collaboration between the Entrepreneur educational seminar business and the Cannabis Seminar business, the premier business and personal success brand driving the conversation for thousands of Cannabis entrepreneurs nationwide. Backed by our combined experience and resources, we deliver cannabis training programs that will help Cannabis business owners take on some of the predominant challenges native to the entrepreneurial Cannabis experience. Led by renowned business experts and cannabis tactical strategists, our mentor programs will cover central topics such as effective leadership in an evolving era of the cannabis business, advanced strategies to acquiring startup and growth capital for whatever cannabis income stream you have chosen, managing cash flow and operations, and leveraging human capital—all components to effectively positioning a company for breakthrough success.

We mentor our students with:

  1. The legal process of the cannabis business
  2. The various income streams of the cannabis business
    1. Flowers
    2. Oils
    3. Edibles
    4. Flipping Cannabis products (brokering)
    5. Opening your own collective or dispensary
    6. Distribution and production
    7. And much, much more.
  3. Introductions to industry experts and product development
  4. How to develop a personal plan of action
  5. Implementing your plan of action and preparing to launch a product
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